The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I've started my "smile" album. The first pic is of my black kitty - Tracks. She is a "goer" -- always around folks and getting her nose into things. Even when she is causing havoc, she still makes me smile. She loves to come and 'head butt' you .. and sleeps curled up on my pillow most nights.

The second pic I just added is my grey kitty - Kaz. She is very shy and quiet. she never was very social unless she wanted to be, but lately she has taken to staying in the basement pretty much all the time ... only coming upstairs when she is looking for food and wants to be petted. She is very pretty, has a thick grey tiger coat that is soooooo soft. She loves to be brushed, and will stand there as long as you are willing.

Had a wonderful fun and productive weekend. Received a note from my new daughter-in-law in AZ, that we will be able to meet for lunch the day we fly in. I'm so excited to meet her and have a brief visit with my son as well.
The trip will be a fun time - will be attending a seminar and visiting family.

Tis a beautiful day in St. Louis today (Monday 11/30). Chilly, but sunny. I'm spending the day catching up on paperwork, getting things lined up for the trip - trying to wrap up as many details as I can -- so am at the computer most of the day. Trax Kat is curled up under my lamp, soaking up the heat. She has seen the suitcase, and knows that means I'll be gone -- so she is not a happy camper. She gets lonesome when we are gone, but she forgives us as soon as we return.

Life is good!

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