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Since I began this season 2 on january Irst I've been very busy gardening a lot . It was necessary as the weather is so sunny and fine now in Porquerolles island - south of France - that it looks like  spring was coming soon. So I was obliged to do the work we use to do in february or march !

Hard work ! but very good for my inner work...connecting myself with a new life far from Japan where I was living until last year and spent 7 winters since 2005.

So...gardening is a good way for me now.

It helps me a lot to be grounded here and now, while staying in touch with Japan...because my garden is japaneese.             THANKS GOD !

That's why I had no time to add a blog post.

Now I want to share with you what I've discovered today in practicing SMILE.

Louise Hay advised to smile every morning in the mirror as soon as we got up while looking straight in the eyes and saying "I love you ..."
I start practicing that. As soon as I got up I'm going to the mirror and tell myself smiling more and more:
"Helene ... I love you !... I love you Helen ..."
It feels really good!
In fact I use to smile . As we use to do in the "land of smiles" where smiles  bloom a lot and easily. I got there in abundance every day hundreds of smiles.
So giving to myself a big dose of smiles in the morning, I can live each day here like I was living in Japan. I am no longer in need! " 

Visage... Visage...Visage... !!!

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Comment by Anna Moon on January 26, 2012 at 1:22pm

This makes me want spring so I can dig my hands into the dirt of earth and GROW beautiful things!!! Smiling is very important. I like to do it while I am meditating. I learned in psychology in high school that smiling tricks your brain into happiness. lol! Well whether it's tricking it or not....Smiling is wonderful!!

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