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This is probably one of the most controversial posts I've ever written but for now, I feel the need to voice my thoughts.

Yes, I admit it, I would have been excited if the England team had won the football match today.

But.... I'm not devastated.

I don't particularly like football, which may have something to do with my ambivalence.

Whatever! I'm not letting it spoil my day! I'm not letting it make me feel disappointed or depressed!

Life goes on. No-one has 'died'.

But I know 'winning' at football is important to a huge number of people and I respect that.

But for me.....

It is 'a game' isn't it?

It's not really about 'king and country' is it?

Or feeling worthwhile or special?

We are Beautiful, whether our home country win a football match - or not!

And, for all German people who are happy that Germany won, I am also happy that you are happy!!!

I love being happy, and whatever gets us to that happy place, be it football or something else, has to be good!

So..... today England lost a football match in the World Cup but hey! Life continues. Life is beautiful.

(And lots of German citizens are ecstatic - must be their turn!)

And we are as happy and joyful as we decide we are going to be - no matter what!

The sun is still shining, my window boxes are beautiful, I'm going to visit a lovely cat very soon and water a garden - and..... cook a delicious meal when I get back home.

Today is a great day. Joy is always available and I choose JOY! It's only a game!

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Comment by Claire Gillen on June 28, 2010 at 12:43pm
Thanks Andy and Lee for your kind comments! I had my rant and felt so much better, but thankfully now I'm over it (though I must say if I never saw another game of tennis or football match ever again I would not mind!)

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