The 100 Day Reality Challenge

So, yesterday I was going to blog about how I don't feel like I'm working towards my goals the way I should be. I've been feeling my energy level to be sort of lazy, I guess.
However, I don't want to put any negative thoughts in my blog, because I need to learn to focus on the positive.

However, I just realized something... I've already started working on THREE GOALS, and it was so easy!! So easy, that I almost missed it, haha:

1. Community service.... Tomorrow I'm going to be participating in Relay for life for a few hours with my sorority. I was so easy, the opportunity presented itself, and I said I would go with 2 other members on behalf of other Alumnae Association in South Florida. So simple, yet its an amazing cause to support and bring attention to.
2. More time with loved ones.... I will be participate with my sorority's alumnae association, so I will be able to catch up with some friends I haven't seen in awhile, which is exactly what I want to start doing. Also, I starting actively updating my Facebook page, and that has also starting my re-connection with lost friends.
3. Financial harmony... lets just say, my situation is not as stressful with money, because I'm not letting myself get stressed. I paid bills, saved money, helped my mom out, and even had some left over to treat myself.

These are just the beginning of these goals, I'm not done yet, I want more of all of these things.

I think I was making this to be really hard... like HUGE... to huge to actually accomplish, blowing it up in my head. But, then I realized, I can take my time with everything, because I have 97 more days.

I've been so much more happier lately, its amazing. I don't know why I was beating myself up the last couple of days, as I was working towards my goals!! I think I had too much pressure at first, like all of my goals have to be on track at the same time. It doesn't work that way, because I don't work that way, and the universe doesn't work that way.

Right now, my heart is lighter. I hope these thoughts make sense. I'm on Spring Break from work this week, so I plan on working to focus my thoughts positively, and learning to receive from the Universe my paths to complete all of my goals

(Sidenote... I want to record for my owe notes little things that I manifested, because this is the way I knew that I could do this.... I wanted to read the Twilight series, but . I didn't want to to buy the books right now.... they suddenly appeared in the library of the school I work at... I checked out the first 2 books for Spring Break.This is something small, but I need to remember these small things, because this is my proof!!)

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