The 100 Day Reality Challenge

So much has happened. Day 17 series 7 or is it 8 or 9!

Im on day 17 of my 7th 100 day challenge...The upshot of it is contained in my blog. but here is my latest post concerning my goals and intentions for the week. This has been an amazing season already. I manifested a huge payrise for both my husband and myself of $2000 a month. This means we will have the cash to be able to fulfill a pretty amazing long term goal. Things are really moving for us and I am amazed with how the universe has moved mountains to help me along the way.

My goals:
I am making a conscious effort to stick to working on my goals every day.....truly living with intention. I find when I dont affirm my goals daily, I drift like a boat without a rudder and hit rocks under the surface often which change my path.
Here are my intentions for the week.
1.-to give up smoking-I give myself a couple of weeks left of smoking. I really hate it and want it out of my life again. I feel I need the couple of weeks so I can get through this period of working 3 jobs without extra distraction. I find the days I am working at the new job, I smoke hardly at all. No time and so busy that I cant even think of taking the time out to do so and when I get home, im too tired and go to bed reasonably early. On these days, I find I smoke maybe 10 cigarettes for the whole day. The other days, I tend to smoke 20-25. 1st June will be a turning point.
2. To lose 10 kg.- This week was a good one. Too busy to eat much at work and I am making better food choices. 0.9kg weight loss this week. This week I have no dinners planned, and nothing like mother's day to side track my efforts. I will stick to the JC food as much as possible. Maybe even get a walk in or two. I am really pleased with how my shape is changing and the comments I am getting are just so uplifting.
3. To do well in my new job. This goes without saying. I want this job to work out so well. Its a pleasure to work for a boss that appreciates your efforts and your attitude.
4. To access more help for Stef-hmm, really havent done a lot yet, will put it in my diary to make a phonecall to DHS to get assessed again.
5. To spend quality time with Steve (husband of 21 years)....respite care last night helped a lot, and a damned good bonking hehe. Must plan a weekend away for us!
6. To live more consciously...just doing this helps. I really think about my intentions daily and what is truly important both for me and my family.
7. To find time to be more creative...ok, an hour this afternoon, I am going to look through my stash of fabric, pick something out and draw up a pattern...
8. To work towards the grandplan of owning properties. Well, a $2000 a month take home payrise between us in the last week is the miracle and the manifestation of a goal. I reckon we can belt down our credit card in 3 months...then on to saving.
9. To get the vege garden going for winter. Going to get the plants today and will plant them today.

Today is day 17 of my 100 day challenge.....83 days to go!

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