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Some days are better than others...but they all teach us something.

Hi to all of you, co-creators!
Wow, what a challenge overall is life! :-) I've been having some rough time lately, and I believe Universe is trying to teach me either patience or acceptance of others or.... learning to deal with struggles in a positive manner. It is amazing how daunting can be the stage in life when you seem to be doing and feeling ok and suddenly you are struck by a series of events that start bringing you down.

Is the Universe testing me and how well my emotions are balanced? :-) If I see it that way, it's always easier.

But I am so amazed how strong negative emotions can be in other people and how strongly they can affect us. It is even harder to deal with this situation when (1) that negative person is someone close from your family, (2) you cannot help them even if you see they are struggling because no one can change the other person, unless he/she asks for help.

This is tough tough tough.

If any of you have experienced anything like this situation above, how do you deal with it? Is it possible to ignore the negative emotions when that person is around you? One I know for sure- I have to balance myself again and again, do some positive thinking reading, yoga, or whatever it takes to feel better and prevent the negativity getting in me.

I thank the Universe that I have many sources to refer to and I am not alone after all. I read the books I know to be helpful. I read online. I create my crafts which are always an inspiration and a source of pure Love. :-)

Thanks to Universe for this community, where I can share how I feel and can be heard.

May your day be bright! :-)

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Comment by Jill on February 10, 2010 at 3:13pm
Jurgita, I'm not totally in agreement with the other responses here. Standing on a limb here as it bends down to meet you I will attempt to convey my view regarding this post.
Negative emotions from others around us only effect us if we let it. If it is effecting us/you, it only means you are letting it. When someone is negative toward us, it most likely is a reflection of something negative in ourselves and that is where you need to go to correct that. Its harder when its family because they are the closest to you and the reflection is more clear and more prominant in your life. You can help them. You dont have to wait for someone to ask you to be a positive vibration/frequency in their life.
"You said "this is tough, tough, tough." AS long as you say and think this is will continue to BE TOUCH. The Universe is pure unconditional LOVE and it will not TEST you.
Hugs Jilly
Comment by Marina Kennedy on February 10, 2010 at 11:01am
Hi Jurgita, I think that alot of us have been in simlar situations. Its not easy when you watch someone doing something wrong or thinking wrong, and you really can't do anything about it. Sometimes it is easier to not say anything and let it ride its course which is the hardest of all. But, it sounds like your yoga and different activities always help. I find that being creative or start a new project since i do art work really helps because it takes the focus off the negative situation and involves my attention in another area that is positive. As everyone said, it sounds like you are doing this already. You are already more than half way there. Love Marina
Comment by Josh Norton on February 10, 2010 at 6:35am
You are heard indeed! <3

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