The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Okay so going to give a brief update.I today have noticed i want someone who love me.The me i love.A man who watches me sleep.A man who is man enough to love the me i love.A man who would be man enough to hold me when i cry .A man who is strong enough to love me,and my baby boy.A man who will support my music.Who sees the beauty in my voice.A man who understands that i want to help heal people with my voice.A man who loves the essence of me.A man who sees all of me.He looks into my eyes,and knows with a knowing that i am not to be forsaken.He would never wantr to forsake what we have,or what we have created.He sees my strength.He sees my knowing.He knows my knowing.He loves me utterly.He sees into the depths of me,He holds me as i deliver our first child together.He is in synch with me.He knows me.


He is with me on tour.He has a great relationship with luca.He loves luca as luca loves him.I am so eternally blessed to have such an incredible young little boy.He,and i deserve the best.I am so happy i am receiving the best kind of life a girl could dream of.I have an incredible mother who loves me so so much.I ma learnin so much about myself,I am learning that i am a beautiful woman,full of grace.I have transformed,and i have my twinflame to thank for that.I am so happy that EMI have decided to sign me.They have decided to sign me for four albums ; )


Sam xxx

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