The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Something is Right, Something is Good- Day 62 Season 4

Today I have a sense of something different. And I thought to myself, something is wrong. And then a voice came into my head and said something is right! Then I began to think, how often do we say this to ourselves "something is wrong" when something feels different. When in truth the change is good, which would make it "something is right" or even go as far to say "something is good"! Just a little Ah-HA moment. Something is Good and Something is Right!

I created my 2010 Vision board Friday night. Last year (2009) I created it out of paper and magazines. I glittered it (I love glitter, what can I say) and I wrote my affirmations on it and I loved it. I hung it in my bedroom so that when I woke up and rolled over THAT was what I saw. It became a part of my bedroom. Sometimes I'd go up and stand before it and read it and study it. Other times I'd just look at it, having looked at it a million times, knowing what it said and the pictures on it without having to be close to it. On December 31'st (the last full moon of 2009) I trekked out in the snow and said a few prayers and burnt it. I thanked my guides for what did come to me from that board and affirmed that I still wanted what was on that board, but knew it was time to release it to the Universe and create something new and updated. On the first Full Moon (the biggest moon of the year and the WOLF moon/Teaching Moon) of 2010 I created my 2010 Vision Board. But this year I decided to make a virtual one. I added music to it and glittered it and love it! I've been watching it daily and have been smiling and affirming and I believe that this is why something is right, something is good.

Also, I've created three new groups on the Reality Challenge. They are all energies that I work with and wanted to share with others who also worked with these energies and/or wanted to learn to work with them. I would love for any and all to join us, come teach, learn, share, grow!

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