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The inside of me have been busy with changes of seasons, or changes in climate..i feel like the sun is really coming out..Inside of me and outside of me. The sensation I feel, I want to write down and share, but I know that the theme of this lesson is allowing, opening, and letting go of needed energy..i am in the process of taking a closer look at the “I” this is such an interesting practice because it can be at each moment, what should I do with this moment I say, the “I” says…read a book (maybe that’s because it gives the I a job, which the I likes) I just did an awesome tarot reading..where of course my themes were repeated several times over in my recent themes..i am filled with joy knowing that I have reach this landing, where so much has come full circle, so much cleansing learning, lesson learned, coming to terms, feeling the truth, allowing the world to be which that it is, allowing sadness and disappointment but watching it come and go and not owning it, I am learning to tango dance which has added to my perspective in ways I can’t even begin to tell you this practice  in itself has been a miracle, and the guys that is teaching it to me, an miracle, much cheaper than therapy and so much more effective as the practice needs your muscles and arms and legs to “ go with the flow and love” what more of a living practice could I ever dream up! all the workshops in the world could not have allowed me this experience that is being downloaded in to my body several times a week..the universe really does know the best and fastest way to everything that I need and want and desire and was born to live…there is so much more that I am born to live, I am soooo excited about this journey..i am so excited about all the new skils that I am learning now, at this very moment..i am just excited to be here, I feel like i am really here, for the first in a long time. This is a new chapter..with less direction, only feeling, and discipline in the practice which I am designing now..this will be an ongoing practice. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU universe and co creators!!!!!


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