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Source Energy Everywhere! Day 58 Season 2/ 2-1-09

Hi Everyone,
I went to a retreat this weekend at the Chiara Center, a beautiful Catholic country/wooded retreat center. Chiara means "Clare", friend of St. Fransis of Assisi, which is my husband's patron.

Ever since I have had these recurring amazing mystical experiences, and joined CCOR, I have wondered anxiously about the place of organized religion in my life. I appreciate everyone with other points of view, but I have always cherished my church involvement as an important part of my spirituality. I have had many experiences with organized religion, positive and negative, but have always asserted that it held an important role in teaching me about God and the realms, forgiveness and myself. I wondered if I was just hanging on to old out worn ideas that don't work anymore.

So I went to this retreat on "Centering Prayer" and met the most outstanding people who totally get it! One of the people was very high in the Methodist church and I felt he is a Master. My conversation with such an enlightened being resolved my anxieties and set my soul free. To sum it up, it doesn't matter what form eternal truths/ spiritual laws of the Universe take, or by what names we refer to them, they are still what and who they are and the form of it is a trifle. How liberating!

This is the month of LOVE! I am celebrating the life of my husband, Dan and Yoko, whose birth days are on the same day! No wonder I was drawn to her!

Love and Light from the midwest!

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Comment by Deborah Tudor on February 21, 2009 at 1:45am
Great to share this CCOR with you, Sherry. I hope you have a good connection with your spiritual group, the organizations that arise out of our love for the Divine Creator are such a blessing and nourishment to our serenity. I am going on one such retreat next week myself. We are blessed to have community and love.
Comment by AUDREY on February 2, 2009 at 2:44am
Thankyou Sherry for sharing your wisdom. Have a "lovely month!!!" xx Audrey
Comment by Poetry Girl aka mytruestory85 on February 1, 2009 at 5:14pm
great that you had a chance to talk with someone who resoved your anxieties or fears. Yes this is the month of love! Most people have been a bit down last month including me. I feel great at the moment and l'm sure that this month will be better than the last one. :)

best wishes

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