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Yesterday I awoke from a dream in which i was purchasing a spiral cut ham at Costco.  During the Holidays I had purchased a spiral cut ham from Costco and it was some of the best ham I have ever eaten.  After awaking from the dream I thought I will have to purchase another one of those hams. Later that day my husband picked me up after I dropped off my rental car(another story) and said he needed to stop by Costco.  As we walked in the store I took the cart to pick up a few items for dinner.  One of the sampling stations was sampling the exact brand of Ham I had dreamt about and it was on sale, half off the usual price.  I had forgotten about my earlier dream until i came across the sampling table.  I definitely needed to buy one of the last 7 hams they had available.  I told the gal handing out the samples "I actually dreamt of buying this ham last night".  She looked at me and said "are you physic?  Because I am and i had a vision of you with your red hair, wearing that necklace picking up that  ham".  And than I also saw you putting a large canister of dried beans in your cart- I bet you are going to make ham and bean soup'" she was completely serious.  I had not had the dream about the beans but decided I needed to purchase them  and i did.  

I have never been a believer in dreams foretelling the future or as omens but I do believe in the law of attraction and I attracted that ham into my life.  Now if I can just attract cash, jewels and world travel.  But I will take the ham.

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