The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Make a list of everything you can describe or say positive about your "self." This list should be as complete and exhaustive as you can make it.  Make sure that you emphasize your meditative shamanic qualities.  Work on this for a good week. You may spend longer if necessary.  When the list is complete, take a pair of scissors and cut the words into as many tiny pieces as possible. Place these pieces into a pot of hot water. Now place pot over heat and let it boil into the mixture..  When the steam begins to rise, carefully look at the steam and say aloud. "This is the steam arising from everything I know about myself.  It is my SELF STEAM! " Go on and affirm this simple prayer: "Lord I ask that you turn my eyes away from my self-esteem and direct them to the Holy Ghost(Chi) midst of your presence"

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Comment by Kevin on November 18, 2013 at 2:39pm

interesting, thanks for sharing, I will remember this

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