The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Starting a new season! Season 2 theme: Having Fun! - Day 1

Hey everyone! So I'm in my new apartment and I am starting a new season! Today is the first day of my season 2 and I am very excited. I am in a big city which means I have placed myself in a fast paced, energetic, abundant setting. SO this should be interesting! My one and only intention is this:


To do WHAT I want to do WHEN I want to do it. (Courtesy of Bashar) 


Isn't that what EVERYONE really wants? 


No more "I want THIS specific thing" or "THAT" specific thing.


I just want to live and be free and be open to WHATEVER comes from that intention.


Last season I was very stuck on details and if something wasn't exactly right then I would run away from it. But what if THAT thing led to what I really wanted!? I also found that as I was getting deeper and deeper into my season I had all these moments when I didn't even want the things I said I wanted anymore. I just wanted to be free.


So in order to attract a life of leisure and fun, I'd better start living in that way. Starting tomorrow! (I'm supposed to start a full time job at a place I don't really want to work. So guess what? I'm quitting after working there only one day)


I'll let you all know what happens...


Onto today's musings:


I slept in (the best thing ever) and proceeded to hand out resumes all over town. I got a call for a job interview almost instantly and it was for an ice cream parlour. What I didn't realize is that ice cream parlours are very very labour intensive. I want a job thats more relaxing, like a bookstore! Or a health food store. That would be prime. So I was asked to start working immediately like that very day (today) and I did. And it sucked :P So instead of going back I'm gonna keep looking, or better yet, let it just come to me. Oh and I forgot to mention, on my way to work I passed by a homeless man sitting on a bench and he said. Why don't you be happy? It doesn't take much. And I said "You're right. It doesn't!" And I had this silly grin on my face for the remainder of the walk. Ironic? 







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