The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Today seems like a wonderful day to start a new season. I've always loved Valentine's Day - flowers, chocolates, dinner, romance. Now that I am married to the most wonderful man who makes me smile every single day, I am more in love than ever. My spiritual path is in good shape as I meditate every day, go to a class every week, attend church every Sunday, and have 3 different meditation/spiritual groups I participate in every month. I also have many books that I am reading constantly to supplement this journey. My health is in excellent shape, I'm 95% vegan and workout almost every single day, I feel great, energized, and happy every day without effort. I have managed to put on an extra 10 pounds over the last 4 years that would be nice to lose though. However, I am in the process of starting to try to become pregnant, and weight loss really isn't a part of that - dieting and intense exercise are not good for junior. So for this season I'm going to just accept that I have a couple extra pounds and that it will help keep baby happy.


It took me a little while to decide upon the three most important items I'd like to accomplish in the next 100 days. But when I really looked at everything in my life carefully these are the ones that bubbled to the top.

  • Conceive a happy, healthy baby
  • Plan and book a three week vacation in Europe
  • Increase business profit to $1500 or more per month (after tax)

And of course everyday I will be meditating. And I'd like to keep working on The Master Key System, I'm about halfway through that course and I've learned so much. Overall, I'd like to remember every day that life is a journey and we are supposed to enjoy every single day of it, not just the days where we get what we want or accomplish a major acheivement. Every day is a celebration of gratitude for life! Blessings to all!

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