The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I finished Season 1 yesterday and cant wait to start Season 2 after the new year.


Season 1 was fantastic and I cant wait to start the new season. It will be a new beginning; a clean slate; a fresh start.

Nothing can hold me back from reaching my goals and dreams.


In the 1st season, I wrote in a 100 day journal, kept a gratitude journal and made video blogs but i did not post them here on the website.  I still don't feel ready to post video blogs online, but I will start keeping my journal here electronically. We'll see how that works out. 


I haven't started setting my goals for season 2 but i will start jotting some thoughts today. 

Here are some intentions for the next season:

  1. Update my vision board for season 2
  2. Set my goals
  3. Take 5 steps toward those goals each day
  4. continue video blogs
  5. continue gratitude journal
  6. continue money journal
  7. read this website each day

Possible Goals:

  1. Lose 10 pounds in 100 days
  2. Buy a 3 family rental property for less than $60K before 100 days
  3. Get engaged to my sole-mate
  4. Get a 4.0 in all 4 classes
  5. Get green belt
  6. Continue Volunteering and join tax volunteers and habitat for humanity
  7. Schedule internship or vacation for the summer
  8. Get my entire family back together

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Comment by Niki L. on December 30, 2010 at 2:45pm

Nice goals.  Put a smile on my face.  :o)  See?

I'm on day 65 and also excited.  I can't imagine what another 35 days is going to feel like.  I just like -- love the way it feels now.  Woohoo! 

No worries on sharing the videos, from me anyway.  Share when you are ready and when you want.  I understand the need to feel ready, and how and what you share. 

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