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Stearing by the light of your own North Star

 Interesting that those butterflies are tatooed on my back, well, one of them anyway!


from my friend David~ he shared this quote:

"When the artist is alive in any person, whatever their kind of work may be, they become an inventive, searching, daring, self-expressing creature. They become interesting to other people. They disrupt, upset, enlighten, and opens ways for a better understanding. Where those who are not artists are trying to close the book, artists open it, shows there are still more pages possible." ~Robert Henri's book 'The Art Spirit'


I am reading two books by Martha Beck (interesting also that the exact same buttefly is on the cover of her book) The one I'm currently on is "Finding Your North Star". The above quote is my north star. Very insightful David  :o)   Thank you!

Since starting the books I am opening myself up to possibility and magic. As I open myself and do ONLY that..just remain open and alert, I am experiencing magic. First off the dreams are getting more insightful every night. The dreams are vivid and full of wisdom. Second the people approaching me are nothing short of amazing. For instance I was just invited to Bali. Delicious. And I was invited to mentor a person on their own journey to their north star. Interesting and humbling. Perhaps my north star is helping them find their north star.


One thing is for sure: I want to be an inventive, searching, daring and self expressing creature. I thrive on it. I want to be interesting to other people. Anything less is unacceptable. I want to disrupt, upset, enlighten and open ways for better understanding. Then my life energy will not have been used in vain.

I want to not only show but BELIEVE there is more possible. There is always more possible.......


Loving it...



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Comment by Annabelle Satori on July 7, 2012 at 1:20am

Thank you so much. It puts even more passion into my artist's heart. Gratitude for passing it on.

All the best to you


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