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Steps on how to manifest your dream job / or obtaining what you want

After I posted my "Finding my dream job" video, I got a message from "V" asking for detailed information on how I did this.  V. suggested that I write a blog about it.  I would have sent a personal message, but perhaps this blog will help someone else.

hey Maria! I loved this video of yours. And the fact that you say "U got urself this" Thats very inspiring you know. Would you mind sharing a detailed blog of practices that you did to manifest your dream job. I don't know about others but I am sure I would greatly benefit from it. I have been literally pleading to find a mentor, to find a help me professional life. If you get the time to write that blog, pls do let me have no idea how grateful I would be to you!

V later followed up with another post on my page:

Hi Maria! I am a designer. Though right now I mostly hide behind the computer for my day to day commercial work....What i wud luv get, meet ppl, understand cultures, get into sustainable design indsutry. My dreams r very diff from ppl of my age usually have, while my friends r busy settling down in lives, have successful careers, getting married, having babies....I still dream of researching further, travelling, studying n basically make a difference in the world through my services.

Hi V and anyone else who wants to know what or how I shifted things in my favor:

First of all, I know that there are some people who take the law of attraction to the extreme.  Although I know that when we feel intensely about something, we have the ability to call it into being.  This is obvious.  However, I believe that we must accept and acknowledge times when we are unsatisfied with present conditions.

Since you are working in a job that is basically a "stepping stone".  A path or walkway you are on until you get where you really want to go; refer to your current job that way and do not accept anything from it, but your paycheck.

I am not saying to sit there for 8 hours or more and do nothing, do the best possible job you can.  Start making a game of it in your mind.  Just because I hated my last job, did not mean I didn't do my best.  In my case, I loved accounting but just hated the company I worked for. I simply worked and made a mental note to not be apart of the company and disassociate from it other than my 8 hours there.


This should be done not only mentally, but symbolically.  If you have anything with your current employer’s logo on it such as pens, T-shirts, coffee mugs, refrigerator magnets, etc.  Place them into a bag draw hearts on it or if you can find a nice decorative bag with hearts or something loving on it, use that.  Take it to a thrift shop as a donation and walk away.  Visualize your current co worker's and you parting ways happily and wishing everyone well.  This is the first step I used.  I disassociated from it, but symbolically I gave the job away to someone who may be a better fit than I.  Remember just because you hate the job, doesn't mean it is not perfect for someone else.  When I left, I left on good terms; I suggest you do the same.  (I still found that old job distasteful, but that is not the focus)

Just as you got rid of your items at home, if you have personal items at work, like a plant or a paperweight, either take them home and cleanse them or give them away. 

Also, do not share your inner feelings about your mental separation with ANYONE.  Especially co-workers!  I believe things are more likely to manifest when you work secretively because you are not dispersing energy unnecessarily.  You are literally building up power and later giving it away when you share this with people who do not need to know it.

Now that you no longer own any company related items and they are not in your home and around you; and you do not have any of your personal items in the shitty workplace, you will start to feel more open to other possibilities.  Although you may still work there, you will see yourself as temporary help; not as a permanent employee.

Since you are a designer, you may have something of an artistic flair in clothing.  If your current job allows, start wearing clothes that really express who you are; as long as it is within company rules.  If you can't dress how you like, then start wearing pendants or other jewelry items that reflect your true career.  When people ask what you do for a living, tell them you are designer.  Identify with who you really are-ALL THE TIME. 

I mentioned the doodle pad in my video.  In my spare time, I would draw pictures of things I wanted.  Draw a mail box, with the door open, draw an envelope flying into the box.  On the senders part of the envelope make up a general company name that reflects the kind of place you want to work at. Here is an example:

Express yourself in a fun environment, Inc.

100 % Coming true.

Somewhere, Earth, XXXXX

Write your name as the recipient at your current address. 

Burn a candle on top of the picture until it is gone. You can use any color that you want, but for some reason, red comes to mind.  After you are done, you can either burn the picture and scatter the ashes, or you can simply flip the picture over and move on.

In your free time at home, throw yourself into what you like to do.  Buy things that represent your true career path and keep them in your house.

Dress like you are a famous designer.  Do everything with style.  Since you are now representing yourself in everyway as a designer, you will start shifting toward what you really are meant to do.  Your proper place will open up in the universe.

Put your resumes out and after you send out your resumes forget about it.  Do not obsess about it.  Make your current temporary job as fun as possible.  You may end up like me and just walking away from it, or you may get another job offer while you are still working.  Either way, you will soon be where you are really meant to be.

You will make it!

You mentioned that you are not into having a family and all the other things people do.  That sort of life is not for everyone, so you need to gravitate toward people who have the same interest.  If you have that vision of traveling and learning about other cultures, you were meant to be in a higher state than the people in your current circle.  Why the hell would anyone want to be ordinary????? 

Lastly, I know that there are going to be people who will try to discourage you from following your dreams, remember it is NONE OF THEIR BUSINESS.  Success is only for those who embrace individualism because following the masses makes you a sheep and weak.  Place your goals above others.

I’m looking forward to hearing about your new job.







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Comment by Kim Willard on May 14, 2011 at 11:46pm
Love this!
Comment by V on May 9, 2011 at 10:07am
Wow! Now....that was something! I have read books....I have also read Lilou's book. When actually this whole thing started off, me thinking what is it that I really wanna do! That day I saw the heading of ur video n I was like I have to watch this!!!! For past one year I have been trying for a permanent job but also knowing they r not meant for me, I still try, its pointless! I think you can write an entire book about your process. Trust me...there r millions out there...n if someone can give us the steps - woooou! Brilliant! I am absolutely going to try all your ideas. I have just started this new season n getting this advise at the very beginning is just brilliant! Thanks so so much! I really appreciate ur help!

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