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My income has been going down. I needed to replace my old dying car. I'm lonely for a relationship. I still don't have a stable place to work. It seems like every week I've been dealing with a new stressor. Then a few days ago the father of my children told me that he will be moving out of state. That leaves me a single parent FULL TIME. I am petrified of not being able to handle it. Not being enough for my kids. Not being able to afford all the child care that will now be needed. And I'm most petrified that no one will want to date me anymore. Men my age have kids that are going off to college. And even if someone was willing to date me, when will I be able to do it since I have my kids all the time? This is where my head has been going the past few days. And I've been getting more and more nervous.

Then today, after I dropped my kids at school, I was so mentally exhausted I had to go back to sleep. Then I woke up and took a long walk. I repeated these mantras in my head for over 35 minutes:





This really helped. Because I was able to not think negatively for a chunk of time. I went on to have a decent day. I still don't have answers to my question but I'm at least able to not feel overcome with worry. I'm calling a lawyer tomorrow about child support. People tell me that there are men out there that will accept a woman with kids full time. I have one person in mind who can babysit for me. I still don't know what will happen with work but my career is solid and I know I can build it if I really want to.


Sending love and light to everyone! Good night.

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Comment by Thx 4 ur support in my journies! on April 24, 2013 at 7:39am

I would also do open heart meditation or yoga poses that open up your heart typically backbends. Because when such things happend, the heart is a relatively contracted. By doing loving and kindness meditation or by yoga to open up your heart, you expand your hearts vibration and stay in love than not. You become more spaceful and loving. And don't forget your intentions.

Comment by Thx 4 ur support in my journies! on April 24, 2013 at 7:23am

I very much agree with CalmWind, what you want and your focus are not aligned. And as you already know what you focus on expands. I would instead focus of the blessings you have in your life, because you have so many! So count all your blessings! The third thing I would do is ask what is there to learn about me in what is occuring in my life right now. And by counting your blessings at the same time, you are out of it in no time. Also I would dig deeper in myself and go beyond the worries, and sense what my intuition is telling me. Don't trust your chattering mind! Know that you are loved, whole and fulfilled. Stop the "poverty mentality" and the fragmentational thoughts of what is possible and not possible of men your age or money. You really don't know that anyway! Drop that off yourself. Stay in the love you have in your life! Everything is there for your waiting when YOU FEEL AND KNOW THAT YOU ARE WHOLE ALREADY. The noise is there to trick you, and you know you are much bigger than that! You are blessed, cherised and loved.

Comment by Bettina on April 23, 2013 at 4:41am

Oh sunny side : )

I do understand so well ... I send you so much love ... Larissa is explaining so well what I want you to tell too ...    so see the sunny side in your life among the fear and the pain ... "let there be Light" ...

                                                                                            with you in thought, Bettina

Comment by Let there be Light on April 23, 2013 at 1:33am

You know,

I understand the importance of wha you're saying.

It's important to stay positive. But more important than that, is being WHOLE.

God gave you the opportunity to experiencing both sides ( + - ) so you could understand the role of each one of them.

Sometimes we DO feel bad about things, and since feelings come from thoughts, those bad thoughts you listed brought the "feeling bad" emotions to you.

The important thing to remember is that's exactly what they are: THOUGHTS.

Taking care of kids is something very important and you are willing to do it well. SO think about things that will give you the support you need to do what you need to do. We've got to be willing to give up the negative self-talk and be willing to do the work. I know you are doing yours. But you have to accept that sometimes we go down. And we go down so we can go up. You can choose to let yourself at the bottom for some time or to feel the energy and flow with it, taking the necessary impulse to go up faster.

We, human beings, always have THAT ISSUE that we think is very hard as has no way out, but it's all focus, it's all perspective. I'm learning that too.

Louise Hay says there's more food on the world you could possibly eat, more money that you could ever spent, more people than you could ever meet, more love that what you could possibly experience. Everything is here. But for those who get the "miracle way", you gotta be willing to give up the negative self talk and say "who's more important here? The ego's need to prove he's right by showing me how lonely I am or my focus on what's good for me and the love that happens everyday, everywhere and the people from all ages who feel deeply loved TODAY?"

How many marriages do you think are happening today? How many flowers were sent? There is LOVE available to you. But you have to believe it before you see it.

You see, when you change your focus you start to feel the world around you completely different. You are part of a connecting link, that links you to the whole world. There are people sending love to you just because you exist. Put your han din your heart right now, so you can allow yourself to feel that love. And feel the stream of lovers who you looove to have a full time mom to share their love with! You are the miracle, and you've come a long way. Choose to see the miracle. know that whatever happens, it's taking you where you want. And so it is.

I'm sending you much much love from my heart, because I wish you the best. You're a good person! You deserve the best!


Work hard, relax hard too ;)

(soory it's a bit too long! haha)


Comment by Nesia on April 23, 2013 at 1:27am
Hey Sunny!

Gratitude always lifts my mood. Try thanking the Universe for your dream income, car, relationship, job and anything else you want turned around.

Hope that helps!

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