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Hi co-creator !

                       I decided to give this little trick cause It can be very useful for those who dont have enough time and for everyone as well !

So , I'm gonna give you an example about what I've done for myself !    I have pick all the the posivives affirmations from Louise Hay and espacially those who was a match for me and then , I made and mp3 record that I listen on loop every morning and before sleeping !   

All you have to do once the record has been done is push a button or click on a computer file and let play your mp3 on loop as long as you want !   You dont need to listen it very loud  cause a little wispering is enough to imbue you subconscious !

So now , you can do you your current activity at the same time like : ( laundry , cleaning house , even listening music over it and more !   You have the power to reprogram your subconscious with no effort ! 

Just remember that when we were child ,   all our negatives thoughts and program has been done without effort too!

Most of the time it was from our fathers, father and mother and also realtives and others !  

No matter from who it was !  The most important thing is that we have the power to install new progam and the old pattern will be remove by itself with time and persistence  ! 

About my own example , I compare positives thoughts as a pool filled with clear water and  negatives thought as a pool filled with messy water !

So , once you start to add clear water everyday in your pool filled of messy water ,  then your pool will start to become clearer more and more , and the  messy water will start to get out of the pool as well !

Then ,  you can even condider your down moment like a purifying process and tell to yourself without fighting against ,  that It's just an old pattern  who is on the way to get out of you in order to be replace by a new one !

I hope that this idea will help !     Lots of positives energy for everyone !    

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Comment by violeta on July 22, 2015 at 3:23pm

Hi nature lover, that is a phantastic idea!! thank you for this idea and i send you a lots of positive energy back!!! Thank you!!!

Comment by Let there be Light on March 1, 2015 at 11:46pm

Hi Nature!

Nice post, tnx for reminding us of that :) .

You know the first post I did this season? I recorded it and I listen to it whenever I can. I know Lilou has one too and it's very, very, very GOOD! I used to listen to it while I was in college and it helped me A LOT. I would recommend it to anyone getting on the site if they read to this comment in the future.

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