The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Sunday 15 July 2018

Things I did well today:

  • Made dinner for everyone
  • Open up to R about my deep sadness of feeling insignificant
  • Reading my book “The Art of Belief”

I deeply grateful for...

  1. Time spent with R talking about my sadness, his goals, how to grow, beliefs, etc.
  2. Oumatjie’s help.
  3. Taking a nap this morning.
  4. Walk in the zoo.
  5. Racing and jogging with A.
  6. Reading my journal and adding a bit.
  7. N running to me when she sees me - doing morning playing, giggling, cuddling, kissing her hands, admiring her bobo hands, caressing her bobo body, sooo divine and lovely!
  8. A safe, warm, cost home.
  9. Making some progress with R to figure out our domestic situation.
  10. The burning desire to pray.

I wish for, believe I HAVE, am gratefully receiving, and live... having enough TIME and MONEY for everything I want to do. 

What I can learn from today:

  • Me Divine Time is CRUCIAL!!
  • Thoughts create beliefs
  • The power is all mine! I am already using it unconsciously.

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