The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I got my 16 year old son signed up for community college today. Wow that is a big deal for him and I am so happy for him.  I brought the GED into school and signed his application this afternoon. Tomorrow he is going in to the testing center for a math placement test. I feel great about this. In fact I took myself out to Indian food to celebrate.


I did several other important things today also. I I went to physical therapy and did really well. I put several things away into a closet, I took the car through the car wash, I got a pretty decent workout at the gym; uphill walking, several different upper body and arm exercises with five pound weights, and a little bit of stretching.

Oh yeah, and I went to Whole foods and stocked up on my green food, my omegas, and some other stuff I needed today. I had run out a couple of weeks ago and since then I have not put much thought to my eating. I have just been eating whatever was around or whatever I was making for the kids. Well that was fine for the Holidays but now I want to slim my waist all the way down to super lean, and to do that I think it best that I focus on and consume foods that are really high in positive energy. I am really looking forward to it because now, maybe for the first time in months, i might be close to getting in great shape,  all I need to do is to step up the workouts and start eating in a different manner. What works best for me is to eat foods that are super nutrient, in relatively small quantities on some days. On those days (maybe two or three consecutive if I really want to feel lean) I focus more on light exercise such as walking, going to the steam room, and stretching. On other days when I am eating full healthy organic foods I will add in more strenuous workouts and hikes. Walking is one of the ways I seem to achieve weight loss...


So today, knowing that I will be detoxing a little bit soon,


Which reminds me, I was able to restore my ipod after months of it not working. I also found my ipod Touch so now I have two again! That is great news for going to the gym. And good news for itunes because I am going to have to spend some money.

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