The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Support and advice please!!!!! season 1 day 15

Today there was a little bit from my dream..i was so excited!! I was thinking like, yeah im on the good way!!!

It kicks me...but when I told my boyfriend about my opportunities i get a little bit sad. He was not that excited about my possible new job and advice me not to do because and because........anyway

Now I start thinking: its my life, he has not the right to say do this do that and forbid me to do things..(its not that he forbid me..but he is not okay wth my decesion) Sometimes its really hard and makes me cry....I love him really much, but sometimes he can stop my ideas so much. that i feel very uncomfortable with my ideas and thougts. I m sure its not good for me if he is doing that! I have to be by myself..believe in my self

So I have to be myself

I ask on a really great nice part time job, with good opportunities for me, good salary, and near my home. Its is also in the food industry/fashion or something related.

I believe that its really fun for me there! I learn from others, they believe in me, i believe i ll have the job soon and i will have a good health with the new job! Also they supprt me and I can be myself!

I receive it, thx!!

Also I ask om perfect health, with a perfect body. I only attract healthy food what process and is good for my perfect body and shape!

I believe I have already i great body and good weight it has only to manifestate it more and more and it will be the next 100 days!

I receive and im thankfull


and today i need a little bit support because i was sad :'-/

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Comment by Maria on February 25, 2010 at 4:26pm
O my friends, thank you so much!! it helps me so much, here, you all and all the things what happen!! I stay by myself and enjoy everything....
today also somebody say to me, follow yr heart!!its so funny that i met so many people who tells me this!

Comment by Marti Mu on February 24, 2010 at 9:40pm
You are on a good track my friend. It's ok to feel sad for what you choosing to let go of - while at the same time feeling happy for what you now are choosing! Both at the same time. And it is always good to connect with people who can bolster the you in you. So right on! Keep up the good and positive work and trust your instincts. :)
Comment by brandy ryan on February 24, 2010 at 9:04pm
rianne :) only worry about yourself and what you are thinking and doing. any reaction your boyfriend has to you is HIS reaction and has nothing to do with you. stay in your own place of happiness and knowing. it may be that you are growing and your boyfriend is not. in that case, you will fall away from each other in time. don't be sad!! if you are always happy, your boyfriend's behavior will change. much love**
Comment by Jill on February 24, 2010 at 8:26pm
Hi Rianne, I suggest you read "The Forth Agreement". Bonnie is posting in in the blogs a chapter at a time. I believe the answer will come to you when you reach chapter 3.
Here is a start to read...Chapter 1 link.
Blessings Jilly
Comment by Marina Kennedy on February 24, 2010 at 4:21pm
Hi Rianne, it seems like you have answered your own dilema, that you feel it is your life and to do what is right for you, inorder for you to be yourself. Go with your heart, it won't lie. Love Marina

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