The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Ok, so everything has changed, my interests and goals and even relationships.  It's been huge learnings and although I was in shock for most of it.  I feel that if it's happening to me, my thinking was probably very vunerable.  I have noticed, when you feel really vulnerable, some predators may show up.  They did for me.  I live with what I am pretty sure is a clinical narcissist.  I'm not absolutely sure, but I am pretty sure.  I'm not a psychologist, so.

It made me realize that I lept out of the fire, right into the pit.  

Yet, I have decided I will have another place to move, by myself.  It will show up in record time.  All my stuff will get moved again with ease and it will work out the best for me.

I need to rewrite my lists and move again.  It's only been 4 months, but this one will be easier than last one.  It will be a breeze.

I looked at why it is happening to me and I can see a lot of different reasons.  I'm gonna stick with my goals for now and let go of the other stuff.  He doesn't really exist anyway.

The twin soul , or the fella I thought was my twin soul, we r split.  And I feel for now, to just accept things as they are.  Not intend anything for a mate for now.  What I want now is to move and I was thinking the NW of USA, however, I'm not sure if that's the actual place I wanna be or what.  

I keep asking the Universe, where would you have me be?  I get nothing but the places I've actually live in now or have picked.  So I guess the Universe is telling me that it doesn't matter where I go.  It's pretty much up to me.

Ready for my brand new life!

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