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Synchronicities and perfect timings...

Story of the day goes like this;

I was invited to a diwali festival in town by some friends last week,  it was really last minute and I hadn't been planning to go, but heck, it sounded fun, and so me and my bf decided to go  (even though he was doubtful about finding a carpark,and we were a bit late already,since we just found out about it on the day.. i was optimistic. He wasn't hehe) -so we agreed to go and look for parking, and if we'd find one, we'd stay.

Not only did we manage to find parking, but it was in a random car-park building that was just a couple mins walk to the festival area,and it had a special all day deal. Plus, the building was right next door to a big music store that my bf was keen to check out later,as he hadn't been there in a while.

Cool, so the fest was great fun, then we checked out the music store,and I randomly grabbed a bunch of leaflets and brochures that were at the entrance advertising interesting events going on.

One of them, was for an 'EveryWoman's Expo' from the 14th to sun 16 of oct. Great, so I was keen to go there the next week and I had originally wanted to go on Sat. But the girlfriend that I was going with wanted to go on sunday. I wasn't too fussed, so I rolled with it, and we went on Sunday.

Now, here's the magical bit. At the expo,we got great freebies (a new bag and some products) that somehow nobody else got. (yay!) And the ladies at the help desk told us, that there's a fashion show later and we should go by stall C19,'cause those are the people that organise it. So off me and my friend went to check it out, and it was a stall for Monarch Models. They were doing a casting call, and they were going to pick 5 young ladies to walk in the fashion show. I did the casting,and walked for them just for the heck of it, and 15 mins later I got a text to say 'congrats i got picked to walk in the show'!!!

FUN! I got to wear a gorgeous purple gown that fit me perfectly (thank goodness it zipped up; it had me worried there for a second -I lay the blame on that extra slice of fudge cake at lunch that was so tempting hehe).

It was also a competition, and at the end of the show they announced the winner and runners up. I won runner up (woohoo thanks Universe hehe), and that means I get a contract with Monarch Models,and I go on their database for commercial modelling and acting for commercials, I also get a photoshoot, and a 1-day class in acting for comercials and modelling all for FREE!!

The best part, is the other 4 ladies that got picked were all so so so nice, and I made friends with them,especially a lovely sweetheart named Amanda (she's totally modelling material,tall and lovely), and I'll see them all again at the course :-) 

That was the first time I've EVER done a catwalk!! Ever!! I'm typically too short (and too intimidated by the gorgeous Giraffes), so it's great that my 'angel guides' found a way around it to give me that fun crazy experience.

What else? Lunch was a free beautiful vegetarian thai curry made with organic veges, I talked to heaps of great people, and I'm getting a free personal trainer session on thursday night. Plus on that day that I went, there wasn't as many people as normal, so we didn't have to push past any crowds, and I honestly believe that if there were more people (like the day before) I wouldn't have recieved the fun opportunities and the nice freebies.

Spooky moment: when I was signing up for something at one of the 'financial' stalls, the woman at the desk started talking to my friend Lael about the Law of Attraction, just randomly! Lael had mentioned wanting a house one day, and then the lady started talking on to her about LOA, and then her colleague asked what it was, and she went on to chatter to her about it. The whole friggin' place was crawling with LOA vibes, like if I hadn't noticed before I sure was getting the message there and then.

I'll put some photos up from the day soon, but yeah..just thought I'd letcha know that it's funny how it relates  perfectly to my 'list', and it's within a few days of signing up to the site.

I bet you've got awesume stories of synchronicities and perfect timings aswell,I'd love to hear some. Be aware of how one thing leads to another!!

Bless you all with life's gifts,and hugs and love x

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Comment by Shammy on October 21, 2011 at 12:14am
Thanks Charlie and WLK!!!  xoxo
Comment by Shammy on October 21, 2011 at 12:13am

Yea Tette, I completely know what you mean!! It's so spooky, and I love it when it happens, 'cause it's kinda like a reminder that there's more going on 'behind the scenes' that we're not aware of.

I've not been so lucky with numbers, I've always always always wanted to see significant numbers, especially something that comes in a pattern, but I havn't seen them that much yet, just rarely, but I guess it's because I'm not a numbers focused person (i'm horrible at maths heheh, so maybe the Universe tries to show me in other ways), but I got an awesume one for today "111"!!!! you'll see it in my blog post today, and you'll know what I mean!!! I love following your blog btw!! *Huge Hugs* :-)

Comment by Charlie Cakes on October 19, 2011 at 3:52am
I'm so happy for you!!
Comment by WLK on October 16, 2011 at 5:01am

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