The 100 Day Reality Challenge

what a wonderful sat morning paying bills! most people would think i'm crazy for saying that, but this was crazy funny! last night before i went to bed, i visualized paying bills and having enough money in my account to pay all that is due. this morning, i was sitting here on my laptop and i had my bill spreadsheet open. i added up all that was due and had a number in my mind. i said it over and over for a few minutes and then i balanced my check book and whaaa-laaa...there was THAT amount in my account within $3!!! this is the account we pay bills out of and we don't leave any extra in there really so this was AWESOME!!!

and then i remembered that i got gas yesterday (which hasn't showed up online yet) so i took that amount out and i was $50 short. i re-evaluated list and decided to pay a different bill and when i added that up, it was the exact amount that's in there again!!! weird!!!

this just made me believe again that what you ask for will be given!!!

my words for today are FAITH, BELIEVE and ASK!!!

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