The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Well, this week has been so challenging for me mentally as I thought my little baby was arriving on Wednesday .... so I went home to rest and wait for labour to start ---- but I waited .... and waited ..... and waited! .... and now it's Sunday night and my hospital bag has been sitting at the front door for 4 days!

I am actually looking forward to birthing our 2nd baby and have been practicing my "Hypnobirthing" techniques again, but the false alarm threw me because using the Hypnobirthing techniques is all about releasing all fear, tension and being ultra calm. So, I have had to dig deep to stay relaxed and not become anxious about the birth. I keep reading all my affirmations around my house and these are a few that have helped me over the past few days:

"It's not about what happens to you, but how you react"

AND ...

"I turn every EXPERIENCE into an OPPORTUNITY"

So, I have used the extra time, to write down and define my goals again and practice my meditation and relaxation techniques, so I'm totally ready for when the baby wants to arrive!

Wishing everyone an AMAZING week!!!!!!!!!! :-)

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