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It seems as though God is testing me now. I believe he wants to see how happy I really am and how is my positivity coming along. For one thing my ex-boyfriend contacted me the other day and wanted to become friends on facebook. He and I don't do well together I'm usually always cursing him out or making him feel bad for all the pain he's put me through.


I accepted his friendship and we had a cordial conversation. He was very nice he even apologized for hurting me and admitted to being a complete douche bag. Which is really big of him if you know him like I do he's usually so much of an asshole to ever admit he's wrong.


None the less I found a few things good about him and I told them to him. It made him feel really good. So I guess I'm doing my job by being a positive person. On another note my grandmother came home from the hospital last night which is great. I'm home alone with her helping her out.


At first I was a bit annoyed because she kept calling me and I was just cranky. I guess I'm not much of a morning person. As the day progressed I quickly fixed my attitude and I approached the situation with love. I even gave her a back massage. I attempted to make her watch The Secret...she didn't pay much attention but at least she saw the part with the woman who had cancer. Obviously my grandmother has cancer as well. 


I don't wish to bore you to death so thank you for reading and I hope you have a blessed day.




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Comment by Tatiana Harvey on January 19, 2011 at 8:40am
Thank you David
Comment by Shaman Kanowa on January 18, 2011 at 11:48pm
Good job approaching your ex with a positive attitude, i am glad to see there were good results. good idea trying to spread The Secret to your grandmother, do all you can to keep spreading that positive energy and love!

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