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Thank you ladies for your support!

Thank you all the lovely ladies for your support and comments to my last post!

I believe we all have gone through heart break and still that never stops us from falling in love over and over again. Every relationship brings to the forefront some more points about yourself. Just like they say every person is your mirror, I think your partners are the clearest possible mirrors. They show you the side you thought never existed. Just like sometime around last year I had lost faith in everything. I was just living my life fairly unconsciously till he came along and swept me away. And no, I didn't jump into it, I took my own sweet time. I had let go of the fact of having a partner basically. And then there he was, trying all along while I was unaware. Apparently he had been trying for more than a year. It's true when you focus on yourself, fall in love with yourself, the rendezvous will happen! It was only at a time when I started doing things I really love for which a lot of people wait for someone to come along or for the perfect timing, I just went ahead cause I so so wanted to do them. Its only when I got so lost in myself that I had forgotten the fact that I was actually in love with myself and my life, that we finally happened to meet. For one reason or the other, our meeting always got postponed before that. Only much later did I understand what universe had in store for me and why the universe did what it did.

I have plenty plenty plenty to be grateful for for our time together! It was magical!

And as some of you said here, you either let go or have the unwavering faith he is yours! And you know what for whatever reason I believe we are meant to be together. But as of now I want to take it easy, just pamper myself. And focus on me and my career and my health and my body and lots. I have been and I will keep working on my beliefs too. I have a lot of jammed up beliefs in my head which I believe subconsciously affect our relationships. Somewhere in my head, this had been all along. The fear that he would go to someone else, the fear that he is too good for me and well, he did. I sort of created all this, didn't I?

Once again, thank you so much everyone over here. Can't wait for a new season, a new start!



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Comment by Neha P on June 28, 2013 at 11:46pm

People we meet are our mirrors

Mirrors are of various kinds broadly classified into two types ,Number One are people from whom we have some lessons to learn ,and when that lesson of our life comes to us,our journey with them ends

Number two are people who have to learn lesson from us.

Soul mates are people who have to learn lessons of a life time from each other and hence, they are together.

:)Felt like sharing

Comment by Sunny Side Up on June 28, 2013 at 10:06pm

I am glad you are feeling good. I read your others posts but I couldn't respond. I went through a heart breaking break up 12 months ago and it is still painful although I am much much better. It has been a long hard process and it's still on-going. Loving yourself is the best way to get through!

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