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Well, I couldn't resist doing my Gratitude blog today. I really am so extremely grateful today, so much I could burst! Partly I've got a cold making me feel loopy. So I can't be sure if I'm suffering from euphoria or sinus congestion.

1. I am so very Grateful that Obama is our new President. You probably already knew that! I am so thankful that the spirit of hope is taking over a spirit of cynicism in our country. May it bring about beautiful changes in our world.

2. I am Grateful that I can vote! I was so proud when I cast my ballot, even though I had a mail-in vote. I am so happy that this year inspired so many new voters, too.

3. I am Grateful that my son is doing so well in his new school. He's been through a lot of changes over the past 2 years and I am so proud of him and pleased that he is so resilient.

4. I am Grateful for my sweet husband who bought me a treat this morning, as he knew I was feeling rough because of my cold.

5. I am Grateful to be living in such an exciting time as this! I feel really blessed to be alive to see the transformation our world is beginning to go through.

That's it for me, I am waiting for my Birthday-Man to come home from work, he is 40 today! Or as he says "Second-time 39."

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Comment by Robin Amy Bass on November 6, 2008 at 9:48pm
thanks for the you're with a Scorpio, too! Interesting, isn't it! My guy is 11/11! Nuff, said!


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