The 100 Day Reality Challenge

The answer is simple
two kinds of people
ego and fear endure pain isolation


love self going flow attract opportunities charmed existence enjoying their moments How to love yourself and live your spirit.

a practice
each lesson devoted to a week

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Comment by Love on February 12, 2012 at 2:58pm

Step 1 ~ Recognize Your Spirit 

I am a loving Spirit

I am a divine spirirt

I am a fantastic unlimited designed by God spirit

I am light and love and sparkle and shine divine

I am an adventerous spirit

I am a goal setter and achiever spirit

I am divine

I am created in perfect love

I am here to grow and live abundantly

My spirit is always peaceful

My spirit is always loving

This week practice and concentrate on your spirit

focus on what you love, enjoy, that makes you feel delightful

Notice the difference in vibration of spirit

Energy opens up 

I am a beautiful divine spirit

Lesson 1 Part A

Recognize my Spirit and what brings me life Abudantly

Lesson 1 Part b

breathe ~ you breathe in your spirit and life

focus of frequency of living your spirit

several ways of breathing and it brings you into frequency

focus on breathing frequently

breath in and let out ah do it frequently

snap a band on wrist and breath.

catch someone else eyes and breath with them

there is only one spirit we all share and share like one fire same essence at different degrees and intentions

notice how it lifts your vibration and opens your heart

breath calmly and energize your body

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