The 100 Day Reality Challenge

In the past I have had more than a few valuable teachers. Herbals, shamanism, Reiki, Buddhism. Teachers are so important in our lives. I feel so blessed to have taken some workshops a few different times. good stuff!


I have identified over the years with a few different inspiring goddesses that represent some of my passions in life. Animals being the best one. And connecting with Isis as well as other goddesses. most of you know, I have taken some time off from the real world since June to really heal.


Letting go of the past (which has a lot of funked out gooky energy going on there)

And growing again in many ways. Since joining this group of marvelous women I have started painting again. it has been a few years!!!


I have been working on more meditation recordings. I love doing healing work. it just opens me up and brings my inner light out to shine. This is the real me. Not the stressed out, angry, misused, creatively sterile being that lives day to day.


I have been exploring so many different things lately. Such as improving my blog. adding more art to my art journal. Spending alone time having fun and playing games while my daughter is gone (doing nothingness)

And adopting a new puppy that someone dumped off. we named him Merle. He is a great pup. I think he has some pit in him and he is such a cute friend. he is learning to be housebroken so he has started crying to go outside now to play with his other "friends" but he can't until he gets his two more vaccinations up to date. Just making sure that he doesn't have anything that could spread.


Things have been so frigging great here. I have been looking for us a new home. I have found a few I can't wait to go look at.


Hope all is well with you gals!

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