The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Have you ever found that when you set forth intentions that sometimes you are actually hit with more obstacles, or is this just me?

I started this back in June of last year - after that I folded two businesses, lost my business partner as my closet friend and met another person I partnered with, only to find it was not a good fit.

I thought I'd start this year with a new "job" - giving up my entrepreneur life. Truthfully I was excited about it and ready to give up the "ups and downs" that owning your own business brings.

I'm sitting here on this Saturday night, looking at my life and honestly I shake my head and wonder how I got here. I'm financially ok, but my life is empty. I'm still contracting and writing, but I've become withdrawn from the world outside my doors.

I'm looking at this and wondering if perhaps it's time to start the 100 day challenge again come February 1st - but honestly feeling a tad bit of fear that if I do I'll be faced with more obstacles and I don't know how much more I can handle before losing my mind - perhaps that's a bit blown out of proportion - but if you've ever been where I am and you've ever felt what I'm feeling I'm sure you understand.

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Comment by Darling Creator on January 31, 2010 at 12:37am
Dear Laura Lake... I know that we must all discover our own understandings in our own time, but if I may share something with you.... Obstacles are created by ego. We are spiritual beings, but as we are born into this world we also adopt ego... this is not bad or good it just is... when we are in harmony with our own truth we understand that ego is just a role of this world - a mask to blend into the world around us... when we are in harmony we do not give power to ego as much more then an interesting thing... When we are in harmony there are times when we may revert back to human tendencies - ego is trying to distract us, trying to draw us into a fantasy land that will keep us from remembering the truth of us... when we are not in sync we also begin to see obstacles before us.... All this means is you should refocus onto right now - this moment - what is present RIGHT NOW... I urge you - when you see an obstacle before you - stay in the moment - see what is right now - literally right now - dont tell yourself a story about anything that may or may not be - simply focus on the exact moment in front of you - appreciate that moment - appreciate the good of that moment and bare witness to your truest story of your life - allow the world to slow down to a crawl and watch and create the tale of you on this planet as you want it to be... I am saying all of this because once upon a time I knew a girl with obstacles, but she is but a far off memory who I barely recognize as my own ;)
My words are with love - if it applies and feels good, then please accept them; if these words do not apply; then I do deeply regret sending them as I wish not to offend anyone at all ever... Peace be with you ;)


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