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The Continuation and Manifestation of My Dream

Hi All,

It has been a while since I last posted. Life has been on fast forward. I am finally standing tall and putting out the work that I do. So please support me in my creation. I am a host on Blogtalkradio and tonight I am hosting my first show with a Special Guest. Please join me. Namaste Carol x

Please Join Our Show Tonight for our Special Guest Maharani
Keep space open on your Labour Day evening to welcome Maharani to our show. Your Special Call Number is (213) 325-3434. We will be discussing Soulmates and the Law of Attraction. There is Love, Light and Healing available to us all. We just need to ask and we shall receive. The Law of Attraction is working for us 24 hours a day whether you realize this or not. Step into our healing light this evening and receive the love, support and healing you need. The Angels are always there for you just talk with them. Your host for this connection is Goddess Arianmor, a healer, teacher, channel of love, support and encouragement. Together we will explore the possibilities of whatever you desire to create. We hope you'll visit our show and we will be taking mini readings that you may find helpful and uplifting. Additionally, if you like what you hear, please rate and comment on our show. For private consultations you can reach me at or contact me via Skype contact name: Goddess.Arianmor

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