The 100 Day Reality Challenge

The Dawning of a New Age in Real Estate --- We must Celebrate our Lives - Focus On the Present !

I'll lead by a quote from Douglas MacArthur, “There is no security on this earth, there is only opportunity.”

In the dawning of this new age in real estate, I have found many homeowners, real estate professionals, and the general business community finding themselves in tough times or at the very least yearning for a better environment to work or look for work. Most people don’t like to establish themselves around negative people who complain all the time or in transactions that are disruptive and disrespectful. Most people want to find a solution and don't want to sink further into financial issues. Sustainable practices are on the top of people's minds!

In the change in the real estate industry, why are we more apt to deal with this negative type of transaction? It seems to me that people are living from a mode of scarcity.

The media has played a role and has some responsibility in how the consumer confidence is being affected. Ultimately, each of us will need to be more aware of what we bring to our world, which includes any negative attitudes about the economy, real estate, or other financial worries. From this new self awareness, as stated above, “there is only opportunity.”

We have the opportunity to realize how we are affecting our immediate and not so immediate world. We have the opportunity to recreate, rejuvenate, and promote a better more sustainable way for our business, our lives, our communities. We must answer the call and embrace the opportunities before us with a strong sense of mission and meaning in our lives.

Here are the steps I feel would benefit or facilitate change:

Step 1: Celebrate your Life – Think about all the people, things, and experiences you have to be grateful. There have been many people who have co-ventured with you up until this point. It has been a good life. A perfect life is not the goal….the goal is awareness, growth, & commitment to principals.

What does it really mean to celebrate your life? I recommend a number of ways to do this. I think you should always remember to do things that give you INSPIRATION. I myself will be attending a great new event that is thrown by . I recommend if you want to walk away in uplifted, inspired, and feel you have value, check out the speakers involved! Join me, Friday or at some point over the weekend.

Step 2: Start where you are and begin a new plan -- So you own a home that has lost value, you borrowed equity that is no longer there, you lost your job, you are getting married, you are pregnant, or any other numerous possibilities…… What do you do?

Start where you are and then plan from this point forward. You must take responsibility for your decisions, don’t blame or try to justify, it will only keep you in static mode.

Plan of action = change. Consult a professional, read a book, set up a vision appointment, call your REALTOR, credit counselor, attorney, or a friend. You need a sounding board and someone to hold you accountable to moving forward with your action plan.

Step 3: Decide to Succeed -- You must keep in your vision present moment success. Commit to the task! It is your decision and you must have faith to go beyond the fear or challenges. When in doubt, Use affirmations. Remember that our group website has affirmations:

Step 4: Do your Due Diligence and Educate yourself -- Get the knowledge you need. Create a vision of what you want your homeownership experience to be, how you want your sale to go, how you want a positive purchase transaction. Learn how to use the Federal Gov’t incentives and the tax credit for 1st time homebuyers. Homes are more affordable now so you have a chance to own and build equity from today forward. Mortgage rates are still very low and there are numerous banks that are lending to qualified buyers. Underwriting standards are much more stringent, so make sure to have all your paperwork ready. Ask questions and seek out professionals that can help you keep the transaction running smooth and with integrity.

Step 5: Utilize your local, virtual, or professional community for support, information, and new opportunities

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Comment by Lisa on May 20, 2009 at 1:19pm
Great blog. I agree the media has played a negative role regarding the housing market. I am positive things will turn around. But, I also feel that consumers need to be more realistic about what they can and cannot do. And prepare themselves first before purchasing a home. That is why realtors involved in the transaction is very important and should go the extra mile in educating first time homebuyers about the process.

Thanks for sharing!

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