The 100 Day Reality Challenge

The day before… 4th season

 Today is day zero, I’ll prepare for my fourth season what will start tomorrow, the first of june.


I’ll reset and clean my goals, I’ll be more specific, that would be better.


I see results, I get better ideas to do with my life, get thinner and healthier and I’m happy!


I like to learn from others, from big speakers/writers, like Deepak, Oprah, Rhonda, Joe Vitale, Napoleon Hill, Bob Proctor and of course Lilou Mace!!! I like to learn from my friends, family and love..I like to learn and to do something with it..but sometimes you forgot the I’ll be more focus on repeating the things!!


I also see success mith a visionboard, I really like it to make these things! I must give workshops J..and you know..some things I have from my visionboard!! Cant wait till the rest will come!!! No I have it already!!(secret)


Thanks 4 supporting me again, wish you all the best!!


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