The 100 Day Reality Challenge

When I post or next season you all will see that I am sort of adding a career path to my current repoitoir of things that I do... I have been threatening to create a blog /vlog post of "my story " in keeping with the new career path of sharing my journey in order that others may benefit from my experience. Until recently it had only been a dream because the venue and most importantly I was not ready...
Yesterday I had the priviledge to go to a training for a advocacy workshop and lo and behold there were some rather influential people there so suddenly I have to get it together literally and create the platform that has been floating around in my head for lo these many years.
My new business card is definitely on track and packs a punch... It is getting response and you know what --- finally I AM READY!!
I have a vid to post also but that will have to wait...
Off to work!!

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