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I'm directing my first theatre production "Dial 'M' for Murder"... Last night I sat in the audience and as the glow of the set filled my senses I felt an odd feeling. And I thought it was very strange to see my creative vision on the big stage. The set is amazing. It has a warm glow to it and yet it is sinister at the same time. There is a really amazing chandelier that hangs in the middle of the set and it makes all the difference.

My first time being on the Sauk stage the set was amazing. I think that set the bar for me. I am told there has not been a set at the Sauk Theatre since that set that compares to it... and I'm being told that my set rivals THAT set. And in fact, the set that I first saw was created by a person who was building the set for credit for a class. I'm very proud of my set. It was built completely by volunteers and it overwhelms me to think that people "helped" just for the love of Theatre (pictures soon to follow).

As I mentioned above, I have a strange sensation. I feel so adult right now. Everything feels different somehow. I believe I went through a shift in September. September was a very difficult time for me. And as I emerge on the other side I can see that I shifted somehow. It's almost like I have to get comfortable in my new skin. And allow the "Glo" to settle in;)

If you would like to see Dial M for Murder, it opens October 15, 2009.
240 E Chicago Rd
Jonesville, MI 49250-1003
Call (517) 849-9100 for reservations

We are also offering Diner and a Show, when you call ask how you can take your sweetest out for a dinner and then a show on October 17th (or any Fri, Sat, Sun that the show runs)!

Editing to share some pictures. The show has been amazing thus far!!

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Comment by Amy on October 21, 2009 at 4:54pm
Thanks everyone, it has been an amazing journey. I kept it on the down-low about me being a first time director. I didn't want them to worry or have doubts about me. When the cast read it in the program they said they were shocked because I was so specific on what I wanted from them. I really knew what I wanted from this show and I'm planing for next year. I am thinking about Dracula or Arsenic and Old Lace. It's a really hard one to decide! I've added some pictures. I'll write more when we close. It's all just so amazing, I could hug all of you:)
Comment by Layla Z. on October 21, 2009 at 4:11pm
Wow! I havn't been to where u have or done what you have but i can relate to ur feeling. :) If I was near I would come watch :) Congrats and good luck on all ur future dreams.
Comment by D on October 20, 2009 at 5:51am
That's amazing! I can't wait to see your photos! I am so happy that you have made your way though and connected with a strong part of yourself!!!!!! Beauty is EVERYWHERE for YOU!!!!
Comment by Amy on October 14, 2009 at 10:01am
Thank you Rachel! I promise pictures:)


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