The 100 Day Reality Challenge

And so the first day of my 100 day challenge has past. The frist from 100 days during which I will call on the people of my tribe to gather around me, to enter my life. Men and women who are on their way of awakening. Of getting to know what life is really about. The path isn't straight or smoothe, so we tumbled from time to time, and probably we will again in the future. But we will always get up. And being together will make it all easier for us. These new connections that we will make will be beneficial for all of us. I know You are also calling for me. It just takes some time to find eachother. But we will. And there will be more and more of us, and then, with other tirbes similar to us, we will make the crowd, the positive crowd, the majority. I am sure about that, and can't wait for that!

Today, it was just me, with my hands open, ready to grasp Your hands. Maybe I already saw You.

One of us is my Mum. She struggles with her own limitations and pain. But she loves me and she sends me positive vibrations. She wants me to meet all of You in person. She wants to meet You too.

Recently, I started to work in a big corporation. It is a new experience for me, and I have to amdit that I was a little afriad of that. What I had in mind, a remedy for corporate mindset, was an idea of writing a blog about it but from different perspective. The inspiration for me was performance art. The particular attitude of an artist/person. Being present, being focused, treating it all like performance. I didn't know where would I write, in which language, who would be my reader. And then, yesterday, I came across this project. Synchronicity, right? ;)

The other thing is that sometimes it is hard for me to put in words what I feel and where am I heading in life. It makes harder to communicate it to others, and maybe that's why I feel that I do not recognize You. That might be because I didn't experience yet some kind of a big revelation. It is more like a daily spiritual workout for me, task, that I am taking on. And maybe I do not fully understand it yet. But I know that writing this blog will help me to clarify my thoughts about cocreating our reality. It will help me to cocreate it more precisely, more in tune with my desires. And my desire is to meet You. To live beautiful life with You. So come, take my hand. Let's allow our hands to become a net, that will catch other souls like we are. Because these waters are abundant in fishes like us. 

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