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This site is awesome if only to move forward and gain some clarity. I went on a second job interview for Upgrade Timeshare sales. The interview was great, the opportunity for abundance of money and more is great. Vacations abound and I nailed the interview and used the B.L.I.S.S System to move forward in power and passion. Then the car we own that has had some troubles lately started getting worse. I have to keep my positive outlook up and when something that you need to move you from point A to Point B starts to fail, the outlook and energy changes. A car is freedom to move forward. So keeping my vibrations as high as I can and staying clear is essential during this time. I have a  week off, a warantee and am visualizing a perfect running car to get us to go where we need to go.

Other people can effect the energy flow too. It has been challenging while moving into a new reality to stay focused when others do not see the world in such a positive light. The intention is powerful and to hold an intention one must insulate against negative forces. I am using visualization to do this too. I am casting love nets around those I love and listening to a host of positive video's. We are going to do a self subliminal tonight. It is very effective and when Chuck does it in his voice he overcomes stuff and I can feel a difference in my audio. We sleep with it on and use vibrational I AM Music tuned to frequency to do this. We are using combined voices and I am statements and We are Statements to listen to tonight. We are getting our car fixed for free, we have plenty of transportation to get us places, we are abundant, we are attracting many opportunities, we are peace, we are serenity, we are clear, we are powerful beyond measure, we are made in our creators image, we are wealth, we are health. You get the idea.

Have a great holiday! Do a goal list as it has already happened and happy New Year 2014!!

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