The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I am so appreciative of the recent contrast I experienced in my life. It was short lived but the understandings I will always remember. 

I was given a mirror of who I used to be in the form of a potential romantic partner. He was charming, but kind of controlling; knowledgeable but arrogant, claimed open mindedness but refused to let me believe and know what I know at this stage in life. I think he show me who I was before I went through healing but after I learned about law of attraction. 

I recognized the energy, but didn't recognize the energy. I opened myself and my heart much too fast and was inundated by his lower vibratory energy. I reacted as I did when I was younger before I knew to block energy and put up protective barriers so that I can look at and analyze other's energies without absorbing and internalizing them. I let go of the boundaries I know I should keep, in hopes of seeing that maybe how I used to do things might work out this time. DUH no it will not lol

Welp, I absorbed and internalized this energy that was so similar to who I was and the types of intense people I dealt with. I went almost immediately into a masculine energy. I lost my feminine class, charm, poise, personality and reverted to the pompous egotistic ways of my youth. It wasn't cute. I was not happy with my behavior. 

When it was over, I had to look at it and really see what had happened. I had to realized who and how I used to be, was a reaction to the intense energies I used to absorb from others. I would then perpetuate them by internalizing and releasing them back out again. I saw the cycle of my youth. I saw a piece of my shadow self that I apparently was ignoring and I now have a chance to love and soothe her. 

I am appreciative of this experience as I now know and remember the absolute need of daily meditation. The need for maintenance of boundaries. The need for daily yoga and intention setting. These are all exercises of daily self care and self love. I need to do these things if I am to stay in alignment with who I really, my light, my source, my higher self. 

The body reacts, the light intends.

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