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The Power of Peppermint and the He** of Stress!

SooooOOo I get this stitch in my side around 3-4pm each day and it goes throughout the night. I couldn't describe it to my doctor but today I did some research and I think I have IBS. I found if I take a muscle relaxer it makes the spasms go away. But I can't live on muscle relaxers (plus I need them for migraine days) so I decided to see what else might help the pain. In doing some web searching I found one person describe the pain as if your intestine is being twisted. YES, that's what it feels like. So in my travels on the net I found some people talking about peppermint oil. But not just peppermint oil but capsules that are Enteric Coated and so they dissolve in your intestine and not in your tummy. Why? Well this helps calm spasms and you want them to open up in the intestine where the spasms are happening. Also peppermint can give you indigestion and this prevents that.

So I went out and bought some (NOW brand peppermint caps) and took 2. I was having the twisting and pain and in about an hour it was gone. I ate dinner and the pain is back so I am going to take another. The trick I guess it to take it BEFORE you eat. I just wanted to eat and not take it to see if I'd get the pain again. I went through a stressful time and I read stress irritates IBS and so I think that's why I'm having so much pain. Imagine that, yet ANOTHER body function stress wreaks havoc on.

I'm starting a 4 day LOA Blitz. I'm working on exercise, acting and headshots:) I also have been asked to be on a team for the 48 Hour Film Project. I'm really looking forward to that. I wanted to do it last year but couldn't find a team. This year the team came to me! I feel honored to be asked and am really excited to take part in it.

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