The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I got to experience my words in action today.. What a rich experience!
It has been my observation for years that what we think is important and affects our experience, and what we say and write is even more powerful. The bible, many mainstream spiritual texts, and even pagan texts and teachings tell us that the word has power,... spells, sounds and vibration have been used to create reality for eons and it is my strong knowing that the words we "story" manifests themselves into matter.

Today I was speaking with someone at the shop and they were saying how whenever they come to Kona the days are just beautiful, I remember this morning thinking how beautiful and clear the sky was and how wonderful it was to experience the Kona winds again.

Today I described the "green flash" to several visitors and guess what!!! Tonight on my way to have a little drive in the beautiful evening I watched the "Green Flash" from my car and when I reached the Queens Shops, the Kona winds were sweeping the island with their gentle caress.
My words and my attention has certianly "Mattered" into a most joyful experience for me today.

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