The 100 Day Reality Challenge

The Solar Eclipse brings about Gratitude, Affirmations and Intent!

What we state today will hold true for 3 years for us Scorpios (thanks to the Solar eclipse and New Moon in Cancer)!!! So here goes...

I am grateful for all the activities, opportunities, events, conferences, roles etc.. etc.. that have been happening in my life! AND the kick ass people that are coming into my life!

I am grateful I feel like I'm mastering my monologues. I've got some of them memorized and will be working with my acting coach soon to polish them.

I am grateful for my pain meds to help with my migraines.

I am grateful for the soloar eclipse and the energy that is coming with it for the next 3 years.

I am grateful for this excitement I've been feeling.

I'm grateful I've found an editor for HH. I'm also grateful that he has excellent ideas on the direction of the documentary. I am positive I will get the film to him!

I'm grateful I've been able to pitch show after show to a production company. One of my TV shows will get picked up, I know it!

I am grateful the contract for 2012 has been signed. I am also grateful for my new production company that is in the works with a good friend!!!!

I am grateful for my friends, family and house/car/truck and all the creature comforts in my life.

I am grateful for the fur faces and a beautiful husband.

I am grateful I've been moving my body and my body is shrinking to a perfect size 10 or 8

I am grateful for the magick in my life

I earn my total living, which is an amazing amount of money, as an actress, in radio, Producing and hosting and doing anything else creative I choose to do!

I have all the money I need (and want) to do all that I please in my life.

I am a perfect size 10 or 8.

I have the cosmetic surgery I want done this year (tummy tuck, breast lift reduction, lipo and fillers). And at the same time I move my body to be toned and fit. I have the body I desire!!

I earn 2 million dollars or more on 2012.

A Haunting Romance is held in Hollywood this year (at the perfect venue), is sold out, and leads to wonderful opportunities for ParaWomen Scream Radio!

ParaWomen Radio earns $1000 or more a week.

Haunted Hillsdale is edited and entered into Film Festivals this year and next.

I begin work on my next documentary, film and TV show.

One or more of my Pitched TV and Movie ideas is picked up and I star in one of them!

My current script that I am writing is an award winning one and is picked up by a major production company and is seen in theaters world wide!

I am happy

I am excited

I am vibrant and youthful

I travel the world and get paid for it

I meet the right people at the right time and that furthers my career to new heights!

I am surrounded by people who have my best interest and me theirs.

Everyone reading this feels my love and the love of the Universe.

Intent: I will follow my dreams and they will lead my downstream to my abundance!!

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