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A few blogs ago I wrote a memory I had of my Grandma Ruby and her Christmas Tree's. Last night she came to me in my dreams as did the two grandmothers that I am named after. There were a few other women there, but I sensed they were women on my husbands side of the family.

They were sitting in a room that I was running through. I was trying to shop and I had a goal to only spend a certain amount of money in each place. So a little back story, I have recurring dreams with recurring locations. Some of the places I've been to, others I haven't. Two places are malls (one mall i've been to another I've never been to, one is very large the other very small). The other places is this underground magickal village (I've dreamt about this place since I was a young child, prior to Harry Potter). It's much like where he went to buy his wand etc... And the last place is a Bavarian Village. The Bavarian Village is more modern day (but it's not Frankenmuth), the underground Magickal place has a more Renaissance feel to it.

Anyway, I was in the Bavarian Village last night and I ran through one of the buildings and there they all sat. Watching TV. I said hi as I went through and then I thought wait a minute that's Grandma. I ended up lounging on a pillow in front of them (worried I was blocking their view) and chatting. My grandma Ruby lit up a cigarette and I thought "she shouldn't be doing that" but I didn't say anything because I had a feeling it really didn't matter anymore. Grandma Ruby was a hardcore smoker. She had a lung removed and took to hiding her smoking. She would smoke in the bathroom and spray air freshener and think nobody could smell it lol. So we sat there and I told her some things about family members. She seemed to know these things but enjoyed the stories anyway. The other grandmothers spoke to me but I don't remember what they said. You see I never met these grandmothers I was named after, I just have seen photos and knew it was them. I've always felt super protected because I do have their names.

I feel it was such a treat to be able to meet with these women last night. Just prior to going to sleep I prayed for guidance on growth. I think they came last night and had a pow-wow with me. Even though I can't remember what was said, I know that they are here with me aiding me in this new growth:)

*Grandmas are moms with lots of frosting*

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