The 100 Day Reality Challenge

We have a cute litter of puppies.

They are adorable! Nothing reminds you to have fun like having puppies. This one is my favorite.

His name is Smokey and in this cute pic he is munching on some of my rose hips. They are great for dogs since they are high in Vitamin C. They nibble them whenever they are out in the front yard.


We have been having so much fun now that it is Spring here.

Planting everything imaginable and laying out in the sun.

School is only a few weeks away from Summer vacation. My daughter wants to go to the water parks so I have been looking for some online and got directions and so forth to Surprise her with next month.

I have been trying out different book covers and have a few more editing things to do before uploading my books to sell on Amazon.

I have admitted to myself I really don't have the time for a relationship right now. I don't need or want a man to be happy because I am happy with the family as it is. I kept trying even when I was feeling contrast with time, with myself and my projects and let things dissolve due to the time restraints. We would chat right after my nightly satsang meetings and it kept conflicting because I was so tired and trying to remember everything that I had just learned.

Or if I was taking notes I would lose my place again and again and so forth. Just so much stuff to deal with.

I just do not want to try to keep up with my freelance work and having a man around bored waiting on me to finish typing so we can talk. I am getting more and more freelance writing jobs and now I am getting personal invitations to perform the work for clients. I have had to hire a personal assistant just to keep up with it all.

I am feeling a lot of love right now personally and professionally. Money is flowing in easily and freely to me in the writing arts, which I am so grateful for.


A couple of months ago I was in a few groups where two chatterblogs literally moved in and took over every single one of them and I have just gotten drained from seeing their avatar everywhere with six plus blog posts per day. I had to get away for a while. I wish the two well and hope things are going better for them. 


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