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this year has started with getting my first apartment by my self and then getting a job. now i am trying to manifest a car and still keep my apartment. i am starting to give up hope of ever having a vehicle of my own. i seem to be getting a lot of road block in my path. does it seem like i am asking to much

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Comment by Christina C on January 28, 2013 at 9:38am

Hello, Mary :)Reading your post reminded me of something I often did in the past... give up hope! What I have learned is that what happens, what we recieve, is all in due time. This means that when I have not recieved what I THOUGHT I needed or wanted in the time frame that I wanted, it has ALWAYS been for the best. You must realize that God is ALWAYS working behind the scenes for you, for your highest good. Whether or not a car would be the greatest blessing for you in your life right now may be in question. No, it does not seem you are asking too much... but if you can just trust that God is making the universe work FOR YOUR HIGHEST GOOD, then it will be easier to accept what you are led to and given.  Just stay aware :)  Much love, Chris~

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