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OK... its been a rough weekend and I am glad it is over.  One kid home from school today after an asthma attack, but he's feeling much better now.  Hasn't had one in at least 6 months, but I guess he's back on his meds again.


I did a couple things this weekend to work toward manifesting the life I want.  Journaling by hand and trying to use it to get into alignment with my higher self went well.  Even went virutal shopping for a while and found some joy in that as well. 


I do have a couple of things I'm confused about.  For example, I know that other people can not keep me from getting what I have manifested.  But how does it work when a spouse seems to be stuck?  He has been unemployed since mid August, and was the sole breadwinner.  At first we both were just going with the flow, expecting a new job to come (as a few former business associates had said they would help him out).  But as time moved on we have seen nothing.  Now we are seeing more and more evidence of the negative coming and while I try to roll with it and find the positives, he seems to be focusing on the "what is" and I know that just brings more of the lack.  I am not sure how I can manifest positive, when he seems to be drawing the opposite.


I need to start working small again so that I can start seeing evidence of positive things.  Lately I've seen so much contrast, no matter what I do, that its hard to see the good coming sometimes. 


Enough whining... Off to focus and see some positives.




***************Edited to add :)


I sat in quiet meditation (well, as quiet as it can get with my 4 year old who is still waiting to go to school and my 8 year old home sick) looking for appreciation and a few things came up and smacked me.


1.  A few weeks ago there were troubles with the brakes on my van and they actually caught fire one day.  I hadn't driven it since, thinking it needs repairs that I can not afford at this time.  As the fuel level in the truck went down, and we haven't the funds to fill it, I had said, "wouldn't it be nice if the van could be used safely again?"  Because I knew it had at least half a tank of gas in it.  I brushed it off and forgot about it, but my husband drove it yesterday and there were no problems with it at all.  The brakes didn't even smell the way they had before. 


2.  In doing the laundry this weekend I did see a lot of evidence of financial abundance.  Mostly in the form of loose change, but a couple of dollars as well.  Its just little bits for now, but hints of things to come. 


Back to looking for the small stuff...  because sometimes an abundance of the little good things can counteract the worst of the big things.

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Comment by Christine on November 7, 2011 at 10:21pm

That's AWESOME, Mary. Yes, good times are right around the corner. You can count on it!

Comment by Mary on November 7, 2011 at 10:16pm

Thanks so much for the support.  :)  I really needed a boost and seeing that others know where I am coming from really helps. 


We've talked about LOA, and he does acknowledge some of the principals.  He is usually a "go with the flow" kinda guy, and most of the time he's manifesting great things without trying.  But the recent contrast has really smacked both of us in the face lately.  I try not to allow his attitude kick me out of where I need to be and I'm usually pretty successful. 


I need to add one more bit of "driftwood" to my day today... I had just dropped my son off at work and started flipping through the radio stations.  I said, "wouldn't it be nice to hear something that reminds me how to be in alignment" and the next station I hit... BAM!  Nickleback - "How You Remind Me"  lol.  Now I like the song, but today I heard it with a different mindset. (lyrics at  "Are we having fun yet?"  Oh YES!  Good things are right around the corner.

Comment by Sunny Side Up on November 7, 2011 at 2:42pm

I am glad that you were able to appreciate a few things over your tough weekend. I think you are right that people around you can bring down your vibration. Can you try to teach your husband about LOA? Can you spend time together feeling gratitude? Do anything together that will raise your spirits. While it is really, really hard to deal with unemployment, money is only one aspect of abundance. What else do you have in your life to feel good about? If you can focus on that, and not about lack, I think the lack will slowly start to disappear.

Sending love and light!

Comment by Christine on November 7, 2011 at 1:33pm

Hi, Mary. I just wanted it to say that your situation is a lot like my situation with my husband. He keeps focusing on "what is" rather that "what can be" or "what abundance we really have." It's very frustrating. :) What I have tried to do lately is just restate his doubting words. For instance, if he says, "we don't have the money for that," I'll say, "we'll have the money exactly when we need it." I'm doing this for my benefit as well as his, because I can feel his negativity lowering my vibration.

Another good piece of advice comes from Michael Losier. author of Law of Attraction. He says that when someone's complaining about what they don't want to happen, ask them, "then what do you want?" This automatically raises the vibration because it get the person talking about what he does want (positive) instead of what he doesn't want (negative).

Hope this helps.




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