The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I am 17 days into my journey through my second season. It always amazes me just how quickly time flies. I can hardly believe that 17 days have jetted by in the blink of an eye and yet - so many things have filled those days that I cannot imagine that so much managed to fit into only 17 days. Time is like that - completely elusive and impossible to capture.

In an effort to overcome my inability to hold time in the palms of my hands, I have truly adopted the concept of living in the moment and moment to moment. I cannot emphasize enough the absolute necessity in doing so. It actually delivers the ever elusive time right to you when you do this. You essentially start living in real time and what a beautiful gift that is. In fact, I would say that living in real time is what actually living really is!

Until you are living in real time on a regular basis, you really do not realize how much of life is actually passing you by as you spend the only moment(s) you actually have delving into the past and/or springing into the future. I am not saying that there isn't any value in holding onto memories from the past that warm your heart and make the moment you are experiencing that memory a moment to be happy, joyful, and above all grateful. Nor does looking into your future or planning with a knowing and gratitude lack value. The important thing is what you are experiencing right now, in this moment, as your thoughts move forward and/or backward. It is so important not to lose the right now by unconsciously getting caught up somewhere else.

So, being aware right now of what I am thinking and feeling and experiencing is of the utmost importance to me. Being completely aware of the here and now allows me the realtime realization that I have the power to choose my thoughts. Therefore, I can regularly choose thoughts that empower me and touch me and fill me with love and gratitude. As such, I can stand up and shout from the mountaintops that I am so happy and that I love my life, every moment, so very much. How amazing, how beautiful!

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