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It is amazing to see and visit other people bio’s here, and it is very inspirational. In one sense I envy you and in others I want to follow in your footsteps and enjoy the wonderful life that you have created for yourselves. Maybe that is why I’m taking this trip that I am an now on.

Over the holiday I had a life changing experience that I did not even know about for I black out and slip on some, fell, bang my head and passed out. I was outside for about 30 minutes before someone found me and got me inside. It was 24 deg. Celsius and I could have frozen to death if it was not for my friends. Now that I can fully think about it, and thinking about losing my life, like a friend this week, 57 and another in a coma after having a stroke and on life support, where the family has to make a decision to let he die 54. I honestly need to make this challenge work for I want to life a long health and happy life.

Here I am now in a hotel room in New York waiting to get my visa to meet a lady for the very first time and asking Svetlana if she will marry me. Talk about thing moving fast, and that is what I want for life is truly too short and we must enjoy what we have now and that is what I’m doing. Most people sit around all day wishing, for this and that , knowing we have bad habits, and say we are going to quit yet, the next opportunity that routine approaches we are back at it.

I joking said to myself the other day “I’m giving up jerkin, drinkin, smokin and tokin, and taking up lovin, workin, business and more lovin” This in what I will do, for it is what I want, it is what I feel, and I want to live.
My change in life as we can say happen on the 27th of December,2009 and I have not had a drop of alcohol since then, give me two week free. I know that I will have a glass of wine at special occasions or with a meal when out to dinner, yet the heavy drinking is over for me. My life and the people around me are to important for me to be in that state anymore.

My business is growing and interest in it is growing also, and times are getting very exciting, and I want it to stay that way. I have also realized that people are depending on me, either for direct jobs, or indirect. I also have to respect the help and assistance that others are giving me. There are so many reasons not to drink I wonder way we drink at all. It is for stress relief, so that one can easily socially more? I know of much better ways of doing such things and will need to start using them. If you have any suggestions I welcome them also, especially the socializing part.

Well I have to get ready to get my visa to travel to the Ukraine to meet my future wife, wish me luck :)
Just as I was setting here and started to type this letter I knew that I we are before doing the same thing, yet I was never here before. We I have these dreams or visions I know that I am on the right path that I have set for myself or is being set for me. This drives me to do more and I feel good knowing that I am on my true path. If you have visions like that maybe you can share for I like to know more about it, and see if I can develop it more
Sending Love to all.
Craig :)

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Comment by Craig G. Lewis on February 23, 2009 at 12:16am
Hello Olga, Thanks for your comments. Things did not go to well, I did have a good trip, yet the lady that I went to meet was not realy the perosn for me:(, I'm am however, corasponding with the translator, who realy likes me and we had a great time sharing, our selves with each other. Not being under pressure as in dating, we just share with one another as friends. Ann is very smart and beautiful, and we are planning to meet again this summer in Canada:) She said that I very different than most of the men that go to the Ukraine looking for life partners, and that I was good loking also:)

So welcome to CCOR and I hope that you will find what you are looking for here. There ia a lot of support here and just ask if you like to chat. I wish you great success adn happiness too:))
Craig oo
Comment by Olga on February 22, 2009 at 11:47pm
Wow Craig, that truly is a wakeup call if i ever heard one. Keep up the good work, and it's been awhile since that post how did it go with meeting your future wife? Hope it was great, and wish you success and happiness.

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