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So I started to feel relaxed and free, because I felt there would be a way out.  But now it's 10 days later and there's been no movement in any direction and the more I looked at the town I thought of moving to, the less I like it.  If I had a nice place there in nice area, then ok, but

personally I want to move to Iowa.  Problem is, most of the places I like are higher rent than I can afford.  And then signs that this summer is gonna be unpleasant if I stay here are starting to show up..  

I know the town I want to move to.  It would be nice for awhile at least and then if I wanted to go elsewhere that's fine.  It's a bit hard to find a place there online, it's a small town, so...

And the set up I thought I was gonna have with my friend, is turning out to also not be happening. He wants to move to an island outside of Venezuala.  Nope, no thanks, not in my plans at all.  We were gonna retire together, guess not. 

So I gotta adjust my energy and this is what I'm asking from you Universe:

In the town of my choice (Universe knows which one):

A clean, newly , either completely renovated or new building with properly, well running pipes and electricity for all my computer (and other) needs.  Must have central heat and airconditioner, washer/dryer hookups in the place and a nice property with a yard for my cats. Nice neighbors and quiet neighborhood.  A place I get grocery delivery and also with organic food.  1 bdrm is enough. I'd be fine with a one room place if about 550 or more square feet. I don't need a ton of space in the house, but need some space outside. On a quiet street with little to no traffic.  

Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou for this new place in my new town!

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